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Welcome to Disticom

Disticom are specialists in providing quality repair, refurbishment and resale of networking and telecoms equipment.


We know your network is central to your operations and profitability. That's why we are proud to offer quality service levels which protect your investments, helping your time and budget stretch further.

Refurbished Networking Hardware

Refurbished Networking Hardware refers to hardware that is returned to the manufacturer and put through a complete remanufacturing process. It also refers to hardware that is serviced for warranty by dealers. Disticom we understand that there are different sources of refurbished hardware. They include customer returns and orders that are cancelled after leaving the go down or warehouse. Such damaged equipment cannot be shipped unless it is refurbished so that it is as good as new.

Another major source of refurbished networking hardware includes models that are outdated. This is very true since hardware products undergo regular changes. This means products that were ruling the roost just a few months back get replaced by new and more innovative markets. Disticom upgrades the older models so that they are able to achieve full functionality. Such refurbished hardware is ideal for companies and businesses that keep upgrading their inventory regularly.

The refurbished hardware we provide is fully tested and at the same time we also make sure that if there are any parts that are either faulty or inefficient, they are replaced immediately.

Finally, if you are looking for reliability and performance along with warranty, then Disticom is the company that can help you find the right equipment.

Committed to quality and service



“When we need hardware repaired, we have to find a trusted partner we can rely on. Disticom are that partner for us. They really seem to understand the pressure we can be under and always work hard to keep downtime to an absolute minimum when repairing networking and telecoms equipment. Their pricing is exceptionally competitive which is a real bonus when budgets are being squeezed. We are grateful to them for their fast turnaround times and always have complete confidence that the job will be done with real skill, on time and on budget. The 120 day warranty is great for peace of mind, but we've never had to use it. Thank you, Disticom.”

- Cisco Gold Partner

“Disticom offer a truly quality service on refurbished hardware, and have helped us out many times when pressure is placed on our SLAs. Their service is really flexible, which helps keep our budgets down and profitability up. Their high levels of stock, fast turnaround and excellent response times all make them the ideal choice for us. And they always take care to repackage any hardware in secure, plain packaging if the original box is damaged. Their attention to detail is much appreciated.”

- Cisco Gold Partner

Resale of new and refurbished equipment

  • Quality service with every item rigorously tested
  • 12 month warranty on all second user equipment
  • Secure repackaging prior to dispatch
  • Plain shipping direct to site
  • Detailed reports so you can make informed choices

Talk to a Disticom specialist on +44 (0)118 402 1269 or alternatively get in touch via sales@disticom.com.