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Disticom is a professional company that repairs, refurbishes and sell used hardware equipment in the network and telecommunications sector. You can rely on our quality service from our experienced staff. When you buy used network equipment from us, you can be rest assured that we also provide the coverage. There is a warranty period of 12 months which is the same for new equipment. Disticom provides services to all the leading brands such as 3Com, Cisco, Nokia, HP, Juniper and others. Since we have a wide range of routers you can purchase a 3Com router from us and we will provide you the required services.

About 3Com Router

3Com is well known as a leading wholesale manufacturer of excellent routers meant mainly for small enterprises. A 3Com router is enhanced for trouble-free data sharing as well as online connection. We offer both wireless as well as LAN connection. A 3 Com router has a robust hardware in addition to a highly developed control setting that helps small enterprises. Control settings include URL filtering, hacker protection apparatus and encoding in wireless network. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure for computers along with a comprehensive application.

We at 3Com offer a wide selection of models both for home and office use. A 3Com router for office use has several features that help users to make private hotspots. A 3Com Office Connect supports 16 wireless operators. It has the configuration mode meant for an easy setup and a setup wizard.

A 3Com Wireless Router

The 3Com Wi-Fi router which can be used at home or a small office is very easy to set up. You can effortlessly network a number of computers wirelessly as well as have swift internet connectivity. Our ‘3Com Home Wireless Gateway’ is an affordable instrument and simple to use. It is like a firewall that is very useful in keeping hackers out.

More about a 3Com Wireless Router

We at 3Com take pride in saying that a 3Com wireless ADSL router can start in just 15 minutes. There are lots of options for wireless security. The Wi-Fi multimedia mode of 3Com is also very useful as it mechanically selects four traffic groups that include voice and also video.

With a 3Com wireless router you need not keep your system turned on all the time. It has the advantage of compatibility with Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers. A 3Com Wi-Fi router has a web-based unit. It can do the job of a server to make possible remote entry to Web and various other facilities to the network system.

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