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Disticom - Professionals in Refurbishing for Cisco and Other Brands

We at Disticom offer quality and unparalleled service in refurbishment, repair and also resale of telecommunication equipment. We are noted for our reliability and integrity in our work of providing hardware repair and supply popular brands such as Cisco, HP, 3Com, Nokia, Nortel and others. We at Disticom know how critical network is to your enterprise and therefore provide refurbishing at a very reasonable price to our clients. So if you want refurbished Cisco equipment or any other noted brand, contact us and we will provide you all that you require.

All about Refurbished Cisco Equipment

Since the year 2001, Cisco began the sale of our remanufactured goods in the name of ‘Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment’. Our used Cisco equipment is available in over 80 countries but only through our certified resellers and suppliers. Our products include a wide range of advanced technologies such as wireless, switching, routing, IP telephony etc.

Cisco does not compromise on its quality, so you don’t have to worry when you buy used Cisco products. Refurbishing is done according to meticulous specifications laid down by the Company. At every stage of the repair there is an exhaustive screening and inspection that is carried out. All used equipment is reinstated to its initial manufactured settings including the packaging.

Buy Used Cisco Networking Apparatus

We at Cisco are world leaders in networking solutions. Sometimes you cannot go in for fresh networking equipment because some applications will not work on new network technologies. Hence you will have to use the old equipment until a revision is made. We will ensure business continuity while using new technologies.

By deploying used Cisco equipment you will be saving close to 83% off as compared to the price of any new equipment. Further, you will get total protection as the Company offers full warranty of minimum 90 days just like a new product. We also assure you full international regulatory as well as safety needs. With the help of Cisco’s certified partners, we are able to provide you support and maintenance of refurbished Cisco equipment.

Cisco Router

Disticom has a wide selection of routers, so you can choose a used Cisco router from us. Routers offer connectivity between networks. Cisco is the leading manufacturer of routers and is known for its high performance and the support it provides. You can have a look at our inventory which will give you an idea of the best routers available with a very good speed. You should most certainly buy a used Cisco router as it not only saves money but you can use it immediately. It provides you resilient network which protects your enterprise.

Talk to one of our trained repairs team on +44 (0)118 402 1269 or alternatively get in touch via sales@disticom.com.