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"Wildfire HQ - What can I say, an effortless way of doing business where you are treated as a person, not just another customer. They really take the time to understand your requirements. Simply put, a wonderful company to work with!'

Kevin Smith, Superior UK

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Objective and strategy formulation - from country lane to the high-speed route

If you know you want to do more to reach your potential customers and you'd like to make sure you spend time doing the right things from the get-go, then we can help. Our expertise, combined with a healthy curiosity about your business, will provide you with a road-map that gets you to your destination faster and more directly than you might have thought possible. We formulate a plan that avoids ruts, diversions, road-blocks and the occasional flood. And whilst we guide you to the fast lane, we don't give you 'it's my way or the highway'. We consult, we listen and we check in with you. That way we all reach a strategic destination via a plan that you're happy with.

Already know what you want to do?

If you've already got a plan in mind, we can act as your go-team to make it happen. From website design and development to social media engagement, we can step in and make your plans a reality. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty and our boots muddy, so we'll get down to business right away.

Sales and marketing literature from the creative team at Wildfire HQ marketing Berkshire
Web design & SEO from the techie team at Wildfire HQ Marketing Berkshire


Wildfire UK offers a 'pay as you go' telemarketing service charged for at an hourly rate of £30. This can be for ongoing weekly/monthly campaigns for anything from 8hrs to 50hrs per week calling and appointment building on a company's behalf, following up on a campaign or support in the run up to an event... the number of hours booked would depend entirely on your objectives and budget.

The hourly cost includes:

The costs includes one dedicated account manager working on your behalf as a member of the 'your company' team for the hours designated. The cost does not include the purchase of data lists, travel to appointments, postage, print etc - any costs outside of the 'inclusive' terms will be quoted and charged as extra.


Social Media & Blogging

Reaching customers cost-effectively has never been easier - if you know how to do it. Social media has been called a revolution for the way it puts power into customers' hands. Yet Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have also handed power to business. We love the way we can help businesses communicate and engage directly with customers via social media.



Does your business look the part? Does your website match your stationery? And does your stationery match your signage, blog posts, mail-shots and adverts? As a customer of big business, you know brand consistency is important. After all, the huge companies do it, and they know how to make money! It doesn't matter what size you are: you can produce integrated communications with distinctive branding. That's where we come in. With our design, planning and common sense, country-style, you will stand out for the right reasons.


Sales and marketing literature

Want great design and words to promote your business? We can produce engaging, outstanding, brochures, catalogues, flyers, leaflets and virtual copy to grab your customers' attention. Let us dig in and use our creative talents to fulfil your brief. Want us to roll up our sleeves and take the strain? We can organise the printing, distribution, mailing and promotion, making sure that everything is completed on time and leaving you headache-free.


Web design & SEO

Whether you need a revamp, a light touch edit, or a whole new site, we can support your web presence from our countryside base. And what about when the shiny new site is finished? If people aren't visiting, you're not show-casing your business as effectively as you could. We can optimise your website for Google and other search engines and make sure that you're found by everyone who needs what you offer.


Advertising and media planning

Do your adverts catch the eye of your customers but fail to get them to take action? Worse still, do they fail to attract attention at all? Do you sometimes feel that your advertising spend could be used in better ways? Our enthusiasm for creating adverts that work, based on excellent design and stand-out copywriting, will bring the smile back to your face. Clever spending matched with the right advert will bring you unmatched results. We're eager to be put to the test, so join our happy gang of clients who've experienced great returns by using our skills.


Got something else in mind?

Your ambitions don't fit into convenient pigeonholes. So give us a call and let us know what you need.

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