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Clients come to us for a quality repair service which is expert and fast. We know you can't afford downtime, which is why our average hardware repair is between 3-4 working days. By repairing networking and telecommunications equipment, we enable clients to save money and control their budgets, extending the lifetime of their assets.

Focused on quality repairs in the shortest timeframe

Disticom's highly-skilled technicians offer diagnostics and repair services across a range of hardware, including networking equipment and telecoms equipment from manufacturers including Cisco, 3Com, HP, Nortel, Avaya, Juniper, Alcatel, Nokia, Extreme and Draytek. Our engineers come from electronics and electrical engineering backgrounds, giving you the confidence that they have the market experience to match their technical skills.

Regular or emergency repairs by experienced technicians

  • Experienced staff with up-to-date skills and training
  • Emergency repairs with minimum downtime
  •  Repair of all major brands
  • Highly-competitive pricing structure based on resale value not list price
  • 3-4 day turnaround
  • 120 day warranty

We offer extensive warranties as standard, adding to your peace of mind when choosing us for hardware repairs.

For advice, service and outstanding pricing, talk to one of our trained repairs team on +44 (0)118 402 1269 or alternatively get in touch via sales@disticom.com.

Finding a Hardware Repairs Expert

Most people do not have any idea of how to get their PC or Laptop fixed. This is because they do not know anything about hardware repairs. Even the simplest problem can be a big issue to them. This is precisely why you require the services of a computer hardware repairs specialist. At Disticom we have the necessary expertise to take care of your computer. Our experts have the necessary experience to fix your computer without causing any further harm to your system.

One of the main problems with computers is that even a minor problem can lead to the malfunctioning of your system and impact its overall performance. At Disticom, we employ experts who know everything about hardware repairs. Hence, it does not matter whether the issue is small or big. We can guarantee that your computer is fixed properly so that the same problem does not arise again.

At Disticom, we have professionally qualified people who can carry out hardware repairs on your system in an efficient manner. This is very important since your computer is a very sensitive piece of equipment and hence has to be handled with a lot of care.

Finally, whether it is for trouble shooting, repairs or for validating your computer, Disticom is your one stop shop for hardware repairs.