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Sell Hardware

Disticom offer a simple, reliable asset recovery programme to help you unlock the value hidden in outdated or obsolete equipment. We make it easy to turn your unwanted technology assets into cash or credit which can be leveraged to give you the competitive edge whilst controlling tight budgets.


  • Recover equipment value with no risk or hassle
  • Expert advice on market value of products
  • 24-hour response time for estimates
  • Inspection and systems testing by expert technicians
  • Detailed reports explaining the condition and value of your equipment
  • Prompt payment in cash or credit for purchasing future equipment

Talk to a Disticom specialist on +44 (0)118 402 1269 or alternatively get in touch via sales@disticom.com.

What is Network Hardware Resale?

Just like those who are hesitant to buy used or pre owned cars, there are many people who are reluctant to buy used or pre owned computer networking equipment. However, there is nothing to be worried about since you can get top quality pre owned networking equipment in a network hardware resale.

At Disticom we take great pride in selling high quality networking equipment. This means if you are looking for good quality network hardware resale equipment, we can provide you with equipment that can last a lifetime. Disticom is a highly trusted name when it comes to reselling networking equipment. Whatever be the network hardware resale equipment you may need, you can be sure of finding them here.

Most people hesitate to buy refurbished computer equipment as they are not sure about the performance. However, with Disticom’s network hardware resale equipment you can be sure of the performance. This is because we test each piece of the equipment thoroughly so that it delivers optimum performance every time you use your system. We also take care of equipment failure due to any manufacturing errors.

Finally, Disticom has sufficient experience in the computer refurbishment and repairs market and hence has the necessary expertise to provide you with network hardware resale equipment that is not only durable but also delivers outstanding performance.